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Graduates of 2017: Graduation Exam-Clinical Skills
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1. The Graduation Exam of Clinical Skills will be postponed. Time and place is not determined and please pay attention to notification on the website.

2. Test list.

1) The auscultation of lung

2) The auscultation of heart

3) The palpation of liver

4) The palpation of spleen

5) Abdominocentesis

6) Thoracentesis

7) Simple interrupted suture

8) Hands knotting methodsquare knot

9) Physical measurement of Child growth and development

10) CPR ( cardio-pulmonary resuscitation ) 

3. Students will have to finish 3 operations selected randomly from all the 10 above (covering internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics) in a three-station examination. Students go through the station one by one according to the order of the name list. Every student would have only 6 mines at each station, then 1 min break for the interval between every station. The addition of the marks for 3 stations makes up the final marks for the clinical skills.


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