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Graduates of 2017:Guide for Chinese Make up Exam
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  • Reference book: Conversational Chinese 301 (Beijing Language and Culture University Press)
  • Exam mode: One-to-one oral test between teacher and student. The test questions will be drawn at random before the exam. 
  • Exam time: About 10 minutes 
  • The type, quantity and marks proportion of test questions:

        I  Read the following words and sentences: (40%)

      Pinyin 10%, 1 for each


      Words10%, 1 for each


       Sentences 20%, 2 for each

       Examplechōuyān duì shēntǐ bùhǎo.


        II  Translate into Chinese:40%, 4 for each

       ExampleWhat are you doing now?

        III Answer questions:  (20%, 4 for each question


  •  Marking Standard:

         1. Accuracy of pronunciation

         2. Fluency of pronunciation

         3. Accuracy of grammar

         4. Abundance of the communication

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