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Contributions Wanted For Magazine Doctrine
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 It has been a decade since our last issue of Doctrine Magazine was published, and I am given the privilege to serve as the Chief Editor of the Doctrine, Magazine of Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine. We will try our best to maintain the standard and select the best work along with my team. Simply put, the editors intend that the Doctrine, Magazine of Shandong University Cheeloo College of Medicine (2000-2016:Shandong University School of Medicine ) is the Magazine of first choice for publication of outstanding, high impact articles in all aspects of study, research, seminars and co-curricular activities. Current Students & Alumni of Shandong University, Cheeloo College of Medicine are cordially invited to share their experience of the license exams, memories of SDUCCM & Message to the teachers and your friends or classmates and junior students. We seek to have a brilliant start of the doctrine once again by valuable contribution from the International medical students of Cheeloo College of Medicine since the inauguration of the MBBS program in 2002. Let us know about your achievements, your current work, your outstanding distinctions, stories of your success in license exams, tales of curing patients in hospitals, getting the achievements abroad at international level representing SDUCCM. We are looking forward to publish your work .Let the world know what you have achieved .We will make it happen.

New Priorities and Initiatives. What are the priorities of the editorial team?

Our new Categories of Articles will reflect established areas and ones of emerging importance. They include but not limited to Campus life and Study & Research; Seminar & License exams experience, Travel& Exploring China, Representing SDU SOM, Change in my life after SDUCCM, Back to China, Class experience & My Best Professor in Cheeloo College of Medicine.

We will introduce new article types, including interviews of the teachers, excellent students, junior studentsí» point of view, & much more. Rapid Reports will be short papers describing study achievement of exceptional potential importance. Mini-updates will be concise, punchy, and up-to-the-minute summaries of critically important areas of development in medicine. We will maintain our reputation for rigorous, fast, fair, and transparent selection of the papers. We will continue to engage the Magazine with the next generation of doctors, including medical students, trainees, and researchers, through membership of the Editorial Board and Young enthusiastic students Perspectives.

We will maintain an open and active dialogue with our authors and readers. The Magazine exists to serve our authors and readers. We encourage and welcome correspondence from Alumni of SDUCCM who want to share their experience, including suggestions for magazine.

Please send us your best work. The success of the Magazine will depend on the quality of the articles that we publish. Please send us your very best work. We will ensure a fast, fair, and constructive review & selection process and will publicize the best published articles in our upcoming issue to be published on May 30th 2017.

Here are some important dates:

Time of Submission for May Edition: January 10th to March 31st.

Selection & Review of Submissions: 1st April to 30th April.

Result of the selected Submissions: 30th May 2017.

Revision & Proof-reading: 1st May to 15 May.

Publication of the 2nd Edition of Doctrine Magazine of SDUCCM: 30th May 2017

On behalf of the new team of editors, I welcome you to the Doctrine Magazine of SDUCCM. The new editorial team, who began on 1st January 2017, includes:

Editor in Chief: Muhammad Shahbaz

Bismilla Zeenat

Akoodie Naadir



The Editorial Board: Ms June Li, Dr.Muhammad Shahbaz, BAHADOOR ARTHI

Address:44 Wenhuaxi Road, Lixia District, Jinan, Shandong,P.R.China


Email: doctrine_mbbs@163.com

Look forward to hearing from you!


By Editor in Chief :Dr.Muhammad Shahbaz

MBBS,MSúČPhD Research Fellow of Minimally invasive surgery.Qilu hospital affiliated to Shandong

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