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All:Exam Registration of Semester 1 Year 2017
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1. All students shall come to the office to SIGN for all subjects you will take and exam type(L, F,H) and pay for makeup exams (first makeup, no fees).
2. procedures:
Registration ¡úAfternoon (2:00-4:40 pm)5th and 6th January,2017 

Name list released¡ú16 January, 2017

Double-check& Feedback in person 19th and 2oth February,2017

Final name list released¡ú23th February, 2017

3. The subjects to be registered are as below (please sign for the compulsory courses and check your credits for electives). 
G2014-1 Pharmacology                                                        
 Human Genetics
 Nuclear Medicine
 Preventive Medicine
 Tropical Medicine
 Pre-probation 5
G2014-2 Pathology
 Pre-probation 4
 Nuclear Medicine
 Human Genetics
G2015 Chinese IV
 Culture of Chinese Characters
 Human Physiology I
 Molecular Biology
 Medical Law
 Pre-probation 2
G2016 Chinese II
 Introduction to Chinese Traditional Customs and Social Etiquettes
 Cell Biology
 Human Anatomy
1) If you miss the time the exam registration, you will take the responsibility for yourself. The office will not change the name list. If you cannot come to sign, please confirm via email and ask your friend to sign for you.
2) Makeup fees will not be charged for failed courses,but for redo exams and absent for nothing.

3) Exam type(when you need to do makeup exam, what is the reason of the failure): L for leave (original marks), F for fail (at most 60), R for redo (original marks), At for bad attendance (original marks), which show what situation last time and HG for high grade (original marks and also you shall fulfill our requirements.Please show the office your transcript).
4) Please contact Ms. June for this time exam registration if any questions. High grade course regulation please refer to the FAQ.

Timetable of Semester 1 2017

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