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G2013:Clinical rotation(Absebt students shall take caused responsibiltiy)
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Notice about rotation(click to download)


Hi,G2013 sutdents!

1.Friday 9:00-10:00 am in No. 8 Building Room 8106 (23rd,December 2016) we will have a meeting, and you will write down which country you will do rotation. So please decide quickly and it cnanot be changed. To do rotation in two countries is allowed but please read the notice.

2.The fees are accordingly with the weeks.
3. We will release the documents and log book before 10th Jan 2017 and 15th Jan 2017(not 100% sure). Students who have 120 credits can begin rotation and get the documents, or you have to wait until you are qualified.

Wish you all good luck!

After the meeting, there are 3 points to be emphasized now:
1.About 23 student will do rotaion in China and 4 do partly in China.Money will be charged for changed departments(not decided yet).If you have any change, please inform the office ASAP, which may help you save some money.
2.The absent students will take full caused responsibilities.The office keeps the right to refuse your request that to release your log book or other documents, since they absent for nothing. Out of the campus, nobody has to endure your unpunctuality and indecent behavior.Somebody build their future everyday, some one ruin their future everyday.

3.The rotation book and 3 documents whill be released before 10th Jan,2017 for students have 120 credits now. And The students do not have 120 now will wait till 15th or 17th Jan,2017.

4.The fees stucture will be updated later together with the rotaiton schedure in Provincial Hospital.

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