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All:International Student Body Wants You~~~
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 Hi,dear all MBBS students!
To make a memorable and colorful campus life, the Office decided to establish the international student body. Also, to address problems students may face. We believe you have great potential and power, please join us!
Here we want to share with you some of our plans.

1.      Five groups and their responsibilities

Academic activity group: to organize teaching activities

Alumni contact group: to contact the alumni and search for co-operations

Publicity group: to write news and take photos and make the MBBS files yearly; to make our own papers or magazines

Coordination group: to monitor the groups and make decisions and directions

Interaction group: to clear up the study experience and arrange volunteer jobs

2.      Procedures
Volunteers shall make a 2-minute speech to state your ability and your plan if voted as a member;

Voted by all students

G2013:    3 students

G2014-1:  4 students

G2014-2 3 students

G2015:    4 students

G2016:    4 students

Principles to vote out:

A. Be responsible for international students welfare;

B. Capable and dedicated to do the jobs from head office.

We will have a casual meeting to get together discussing the groups and responsibilities and get to work and make plans before scholarship ceremony and the establishment ceremony will be the same day with scholarship ceremony.
3.Voting time and venue for every class

G2013: 9:40-10:00,Tuesday 22th Nov,9108 (When you finish pediatrics class)

G2014-1&2: 8:30-9:00,Tuesday 22th Nov, West library 202(before class)

G2015: 9:50-10:10,Tuesday 22th Nov, East library 102(between class)

G2016:10:15-10:40, Tuesday 22th Nov, West library 402(after class)

International student Office

Shandong University


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