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All:Exam Arrangement of Week 9
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Exam Regulation
1. Please arrive the place( above) 15 mins before the exams with your passport and student card. If you are late for the exams for 15 mins, you are not allow to do the exam this time. Please be on time.
2. Any electronic equipment with memory function(including the watch) is not allowed to take into the classroom during the exams. Or no matter you open it or not, you would be considered as cheating.
3. Please do not take your cell phone with you or you need to turn it off and leave it on the bag or the desk in front of the classroom. Since all the phones look the same, mark your names on the phone in case of someone else take it by mistake. Or you yourself should be responsible for that. The best way is take the exam without cell phone.
4. Pen bag and glasses box are not allowed to take during the exam.
5. You have to sign the exam gua

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