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G2016:Timetable(Class starts from 19th Sept)
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Welcome to Shandong School of University Basic Medical Sciences!
This semester you have 5 courses totally. Chinese 1 starts 19 September(twice one week on week 3&4 and third times from wee6 to week 17) and Inorganic chemistry starts from 6th week and Physics and Organic chemistry 7-14 week.

Please check the calendar,course list,exam time and course schedule from the timetable.
The orientation arrangement will be updated later.
About teaching affairs please contact June liguijie@sdu.edu.cn and students affairs(Visa,Dorm,Attendance) Shona zs@sdu.edu.cn.
You may have many difficulties and please email us if you need any help.

Click to download the Timetable of Sept 2016

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