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[forwarded] "My Journey in SDU" Writing/Photo Contest
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"My Journey in SDU" Writing/Photo Contest

Do you have memorable stories or moments in your study life in Shandong University? What is your experience of studying and living in China? From December 28, 2015 toMarch 30, 2016, welcome to share and communicate with all SDUers!

To reflect the international students¡¯ colorful study life in Shandong University, and build the bridge between the Chinese and foreign cultures, Department of Publicity, Department of International Affairs, and College of International Education now jointly organize the "My Journey in SDU" Writing/Photo Contest.All international students are welcome to participate.

1. The Contest Theme

(1)Your impression of SDU and anecdotes in studying here

(2) Your life in Jinan

(3)An encounter with Chinese culture

Your essay or photographic work can either be around one of thesethemes, or involve multiple ones.


All SDU international students

3.Entry Requirements

(1) The entries must be completely by the original author, and the content is healthy, lively, and relevant with the themes. Entries should not be in violation of China's relevant laws and regulations. Works copyright belongs to the author, and the right of use belongs to the organizer.

(2) The essay should be written in English language between 800-1500 words. Welcome to enclose related photos and captions.The photos should be of original size.

(3) Photographic work can be one pictures or a set of pictures (not more than 8), filming equipment should be above 3 million pixels, and the submitted works shall be the original size.You can do simple post production, and please note if processed. Please illustrate your work within 100 words in the form of documents attached (in English).

(4) Participants add the entry to the compressed file, and send to the email SDUjourney@163.com. The E-mail should attach a single photo of the author, and author must indicate the full name, gender, nationality, college, major, and contact phone number in the E-mail.


(1) Submission period: from December 28, 2015 to March 30, 2016

(2) During the activity, valid entries will be posted on this contest website. Welcome to vote to support your favorite entries.

(3) Selection period: after the filling, the organizer will invite a group of experts and relevant officials for evaluation.

(4) Results: the outcome of the networkvote and experts¡¯evaluationproduce the contest winners. Winners will be announced on the English homepage of SDU (www.en.sdu.edu.cn) andcontest website.The organizerwill inform international students of awards through the website, students QQ group and WeChat group. Winning entries collections will be publishedon the English homepage of Shandong University.

5. Awards Settings

Comprehensive expert appraisal results and network voting resultsproducethe first, second and third prizes of the contest, awards number depending on the number of contributions; the results of the expert appraisal produce the "MostCreative Award"; the outcome of the network vote produces the "Most Popular Award".

All winners will receive award certificates and prizes.

We look forward to see your wonderful works! Come and show us your colorful life!


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