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[updated on 08 Jan.] Poor attendance students
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In order to take the exams, our school attendance regulation requires you to take a certain number of credit hours of class. Therefore, the following students have missed more than 1/3 of total credit hours (including 1/3), are NOT allowed to take exams next week.

Subjects Total credit hrs 1/3 hrs
Gynecology & Obstetrics 妇产 64 21
Pediatrics 儿科 64 21
Infectious Disease 传染病 32 11
Psychiartry 精神病 16 5
Pathophsyiology 2 病生 96 32
Stomatology 口腔 24 8
 Physical Diagnostics 检体 32 11
Human Physiology  人体生理学 64 21
Molecular Biology 分子生物 48 16
Histology and Emvryology 组胚 64 21
Inorganic Chemistry 无机化学 32 11
Physics 物理 32 11
Organic Chemistry 有机化学 32 11

Name list,

Grade Student No. English Name Chinese Name Can not take the exam of
2014-1 201416230006 Hudson Jonathan Michael 麦克 Human Physiology  人体生理学 Molecular Biology 分子生物
201416230017 Pillay Melanie 美琳 Human Physiology  人体生理学
201416230029 HOOSAN MUAZZAM 木泽 Human Physiology  人体生理学
201416230033 Pillay Aveshnee 爱诗 Human Physiology  人体生理学 Molecular Biology 分子生物
201416230042 Akoonjee Waseem 沃森 Molecular Biology 分子生物
201416230044 NAZEER YASEEN 亚新 Molecular Biology 分子生物
2012 201216230001 MADHANPALL UPASHNA 尤帕莎 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230004 SAILESH MAHADEO 赛力 Psychiartry 精神病 Infectious Disease 传染病
201216230022 HAWABIBI  CASMOD 超女 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230023 ABDUL RAHMAN  ISMAIL 伊安 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230027 TENISHA  SINGH 月亮 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230028 TIMOL ZUBAIR 火星 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230029 ABOULLAH  VALLY 英雄 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230032 AADILAH JOGEE 艾迪拉 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230034 ASHIK  BHIMSAN 安使可 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230036 SANTUR  JEAWON 山龙 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230037 YASTEEL SUNILDUTT LAUTAN  亚斯特 Psychiartry 精神病 Infectious Disease 传染病
201216230040 NASSER IDREAS  PERUMAL 纳瑟 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230048 MAJED AYED S  ALMARWANI 马哲 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230049 TRESLYN SUBBADU 特斯林 Psychiartry 精神病 Infectious Disease 传染病
201216230050 RAMGATH JACQUELIN  亚克琳 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230055 LEVASHNI GOVENDER 莱瓦诗 Psychiartry 精神病 Infectious Disease 传染病
201216230058 SITHOKOZILE NOMALUNGELO PILSON 鹿鹿 Psychiartry 精神病 Infectious Disease 传染病
201216230071 THIVASHNEE PADAYACHEE 瓦丝妮 Psychiartry 精神病 Infectious Disease 传染病
201116230023 MAHESH GYANASIVAN REDHI 马海实 Psychiartry 精神病 Infectious Disease 传染病
B2009009 SHAHED GAFFOOR ABDOOL 沙河 Psychiartry 精神病 Infectious Disease 传染病
201116230038 ARSIL SADIK 萨迪克 Psychiartry 精神病
201216230041 SUNAI  RAMDHANI 苏内 Infectious Disease 传染病
201216230045 ALEKHA  SINGH 丽卡 Infectious Disease 传染病
2015 201516230071 Yusuf Patel 帕特 Organic Chemistry 有机化学 Physics 物理
201516230216 ALQANNOOR DEKHEEALLAH FALEH D 黑博 Organic Chemistry 有机化学 Physics 物理
2013 201316230006 MOOLLA REAZ 瑞泽 Stomatology 口腔
201316230008 PEER YUSUF AHMED 比尔 Stomatology 口腔
201316230020 KHARODIA MARIAM ESSOP 玛丽 Stomatology 口腔
201316230021 OSMAN MUHAMAD SHAKEEL 沙可 Stomatology 口腔
201316230031 RAMPERSAT NIKITA NADINE 娜丁 Stomatology 口腔
201316230038 MOOLLA ZIYAAD 亚德 Stomatology 口腔
201316230041 RAMJATAN OLENKA 奥林卡 Stomatology 口腔
201316230047 HOOSEN AADIL 浩森 Stomatology 口腔
201316230067 SUHAIFA KHAN  苏菲 Stomatology 口腔
201316230070 LUBISI NJABULO 卢比司 Stomatology 口腔
201316230076 NAIDOO DUVESHAN 杜文山 Stomatology 口腔
201316230091 MOODLIAR KASHMIKA 茉莉 Stomatology 口腔
201316230093 HASSAN SHOAIB 爱博 Stomatology 口腔
201316230113 DEVRAJ NATHAN JARED 佳得 Stomatology 口腔
201316230117 NAIDU DARSHAN 大山 Stomatology 口腔
201316230118 UMAR MUHAMMAD 尤马 Stomatology 口腔
201216230042 TISHAAR  RAMPATH 提沙 Stomatology 口腔

Meanwhile, these students need to pay attention to class attendance!! Because your attendace record is not as good as others.
201416230025 VAWDA SHAKERA YUNUS 拉拉
201416230041 KATHRADA MUHAMMAD 纳达
201416230042 Akoonjee Waseem 沃森
201416230009 Akoodie Naadir 阿酷
201416230011 Pascale Gilles Trevor Bestel 浩宇
201416230012 Tealo Jedaiel  国豪
201416230013 Jaffer Inaamul Hassan 文强
201416230014 Naicker Monica 美丽
201416230015 Bismilla Zeenat 洁莲
201416230028 JONES ZAHIR MAHOMMED 扎合
201416230030 IYER  LETICIA JADE 小玉
201416230034 Bobat As'ad Mohomed 拜特
201416230043 RAWAT SHAH MOHAMMED 肖恩
201416230044 NAZEER YASEEN 亚新
201416230046 Hajat Saadiqah  萨迪卡
201416230048 SUBBADU LYNDON 利奥
201216230007 JUNAID MANGA 曼戈
201216230043 ALISHA  RAMPHAL 丽莎
201216230056 MAYURI MAHADEV 马尤丽
201516230234 GUPTA SHIVANI 婉妮

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