[updated on 29 Dec.] Poor attendance students
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In order to take the exams, our school attendance regulation requires you to take a certain number of credit hours of class.

Therefore, the following students have missed more than 1/5 of total credit hours (including 1/5), are NOT allowed to take exams next week [Name list 1].


Meanwhile, these students [Name list 2] need to pay attention to class attendance. Because your attendace record is not as good as others.


If you have any question about these name lists, please come to the office and recheck the attendance book.


Subjects Total credit hrs 1/5 hrs
Physics 32 7
Organic Chemistry 32 7
Inorganic Chemistry 32 7
infectious disease 32 7
psychiatry 16 4
Social Medicine 16 4
medical ethics 16 4
pathophysiology 96 20
Medical Chinese 64 13
Microbiology 48 10


name list 1,

Grade Student No. English Name Chinese Name Can not take the exam of
2016 201616230063 SAYYID DILSHAD HUSSAIN 萨义德 Physics Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
201616230134 KOUSALYA MAHADEVAN 萨丽雅 Physics    
201616240185 HUSSEIN JAMEEL IBRAHIM 哈森 Physics Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
201616230231 NADHAM BIJI RAJESH 碧吉 Inorganic Chemistry    
2013 201316230006 MOOLLA REAZ 瑞泽 psychiatry    
201316230014 SHAH DHARAN AMEET 沙哈 psychiatry    
201316230038 MOOLLA ZIYAAD 亚德 psychiatry    
201316230052 REDDY SIMMY 思明 psychiatry    
201316230072 PAPIAH SHANDAL DIANDRA 帕比拉 psychiatry    
201316230074 ANDHEE SHAYUR KALIND 安迪 psychiatry    
201316230076 NAIDOO DUVESHAN 杜文山 psychiatry    
201316230080 AIYAVOO CHANTE MICHELLE 米雪儿 psychiatry    
201316230086 AHMED TAAHIR 太和 psychiatry    
201316230118 UMAR MUHAMMAD 尤马 psychiatry    
2014 201416230025 VAWDA SHAKERA YUNUS 美莎 medical ethics    
201416230041 KATHRADA MUHAMMAD 纳达 medical ethics    
201416230042 Akoonjee Waseem 沃森 medical ethics    
201416230044 NAZEER YASEEN 亚新 medical ethics    
201416230048 SUBBADU LYNDON 利奥 medical ethics    
201416230053 WEBBER SYBRINA VALERINE 朱琳 medical ethics    
201416230042 Akoonjee Waseem 沃森 pathophysiology    



Name list 2,
Grade Student No. English Name Chinese Name
201616230097 PRAVEENA RAJENDRAN 拉维娜
201616230230 NIGALYA ELANGOVAN 尼歌 serious warning
201616230231 NADHAM BIJI RAJESH 碧吉
201616230232 mahamed dahir mohamoud 达黑尔
201616230114 Sultan M A H Alenezi 苏叹


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