[forwarded] Application for 2016 ¡°Shandong University Outstanding Self-Financed International Students Scholarship¡±
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Dear International students:

It is time to apply for the Outstanding Self-Financed International Students Scholarship at Shandong University. The details are as follows:


1.Application Requirements

 (1) Applicants must be officially registered and self-financed International Students (including undergraduate, masters and PhDs) at Shandong University.

 (2) Applicants should have completed at least one (1) year of his/her major.

 (3) Applicants must have excellent academic and moral performance and no discipline violation records.

 (4) Priority will be given to those who have outstanding contributions.


2.Quotas and levels of Scholarship

    First-class, 5 students, 4000 CNY for each student;

    Second-class, 8 students, 2000 CNY for each student;

    Third-class, 15 students, 1000 CNY for each student.


3.Documents needed for Application

   (1) Application Form for Outstanding Self-Financed International Students Scholarship, /attached/file/20161115/20161115095304_54614.docx please submit this document to Internation Student Office before 11.00AM, Nov. 18. (F2, No.8 Building, Baotuquan Campus)

   (2) Other files (such as copies of award certificates)


4.Procedures for Application

 The procedures are as follows:

    Collection of inpidual application, school/department recommendation, and University¡¯s approval.

    Qualified students should collect the application form as soon as possible from their school/department and submit to the school/department after completion.


   International Students Office                    

   November 11, 2016

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