[forwarded/important] SDU International Students Entrance Awareness Checklist
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SDU International Students Entrance Awareness Checklist
























International Students Entrance Awareness Checklist

I  About study: I know that I should attend class every day, study and work hard to finish school on time.

II About visa: 1. I will always pay attention to the validity of my passport and visa (residence permit), so I can avoid the penalty of extra payments.

2. I know I should pay the necessary correlative fees before visa extension (e.g. outstanding tuition and accommodation fees)

III About vehicle driving: 1. I know I have to receive a drivers license when I want to operate a motor vehicle in China. Therefore, I understand I cannot drive a motor vehicle without a registered license plate number.

2. I know that I am prohibited from riding a motorcycle to enter on campus, otherwise, the motorcycle may at any time be confiscated.

IV About accommodation: 1. I know that within 24 hours of arrival in China, the public security organ should be informed through the formalities for declaration of accommodation information. I am aware that, even if I leave China for a short period, when I return I should go through the same procedure. If my address changes, then I must go through the same formality above.

2. I have carefully read the "Shandong University student accommodation management regulations", and will strictly abide by the regulations. I know that when I check out, I am required to clean the room before the accommodation deposit fee is refunded.

3. I know it is not allowed to make noise in the dormitory because it affects others; I should not engage in illegal activities in my room; I will not lend/lease my room to others, make extra copies of the private dormitory key and will abide by the regulations of guest visiting.

4. I know that I should pay attention to fire safety. I will cooperate with the accommodation and fire checks, I will not use naked fire in the dormitory room, I will not smoke in the dormitory room or in the corridors, I know that it is illegal to use unapproved electrical appliances in the dormitory room.

5. I will remain in harmony with the other students in the dormitory, display mutual concern and respect for others and take the initiative to keep the dormitory in a clean, healthy and sanitary state.

V On customs and regulations: 1. I fully respect the other students from different countries and their cultural beliefs. I will not speak discriminatory language and will eliminate any form of discriminatory behaviors.

2. I will not harass others. I will resist any forms of harassment and immediately report such behavior to the relevant teachers or the public security organs.

3. I will obey the traffic rules, abide by the laws and regulations of China and the rules of Shandong University.

4. I know my good behavior will give others a good impression of my country.

5. I will comply with the provisions of the use of Chinese network, and will not use the network to conduct illegal activities (including the dissemination of pornographic information), so as not to be subject to legal sanctions.

VI The following for Chinese government scholarship student: 1. I know that September 15th each year, students are required to hold a student ID card and take my passport to the student office to register and sign, otherwise if I fail to do same, my scholarship eligibility will be canceled.

2. I know every May, students shall submit to the international student office his/her official transcripts and complete a "China government scholarship annual review form" for scholarship eligibility review. Unqualified reviews or students who fail to participate in the assessment eligibility for scholarship will be canceled.

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